• Thirty percent of healthcare dollars spent each year (about $750 billion dollars annually) does nothing to improve our health in America (source: DVD Escape Fire: the fight to rescue American Healthcare, 2012).
  • By 2020, up to one trillion dollars will be spent on complications of obesity primarily because we eat fast, processed, packaged, refined foods.
  • For more than ten years, the lifestyle medical approach, namely referring to changes in DIET, EXERCISE, reduced STRESS, and reduced ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS through antioxidant therapy, has been proven to be beneficial, but this approach is still not available in mainstream medical care because there is no economic incentive.
  • $1.1 billion was spent for lobbying the federal government during the planning of the Affordable Care Act.
  • Our government is now being controlled by multinational corporations so it is very difficult, if not impossible, to protect the average American citizen’s healthcare rights. WE MUST TAKE BACK THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR OWN HEALTH!

Eat whole foods rich in antioxidants that grow in nature, supplement with Micro Daily, learn to meditate to manage stress, start exercising, love your families, return to your ancestral roots!


  • CHOOSE TO EAT WHOLE FOODS – Sustain our planet AND your life by eating the whole food the earth provides. Oxygen is essential to life. Our atmosphere is steadily decreasing in oxygen content, contributing to free radical cellular and genetic damage in our bodies. If we change our agricultural and business practices, as well as our food choices, we will have better air to breathe, better food to eat, less human disease and children who experience lives filled with joy.
  • PLANT AN ORGANIC GARDEN – Prepare a portion of your garden for growing vegetables or begin a square foot garden as a family. Recycle kitchen scraps and lawn clippings as compost to replenish the soil nutrients in your garden. Harvest whole real food from organic seeds and practice preparing healthy fresh nutrients for family dinners. Support your local farmer and the larger organic food producers, such as Lundberg Farms. These practices will reduce chemical pollution and contribute to restoring the local streams, rivers and ecosystems, and allow us to live in harmony with nature. With these lifestyle behavior choices, we may yet have a chance to reverse the growing plague of environmental destruction causing human disorders, disease and suffering, and give the next generation of babies the chance to live happy and productive lives.
  • PRACTICE WATER CONSERVATION – water scarcity is a growing worldwide crisis. Water is a renewable resource, but there is much less clean water available to the world’s populations, especially the indigenous peoples. Our modern business and agricultural practices of dumping fertilizers, pesticides and industrial waste into our waterways, as well as the common behavior of tossing plastic bottles overboard while sailing, a general disregard for water conservation and purity, and taking clean water supplies for granted in the industrial nations has left a global water footprint of severely limited clean water. Our oceans are filled with microplastics, plastinating all sea life, and poisoning bottled water. Invest in safe water consumption and water conservation behaviors.
  • LEARN MEDITATION TO NOURISH YOUR SOUL – the skill of meditation increases our cognitive capacities, helps us to focus, prevents premature aging and Alzheimer’s disease by increasing DHEA hormonal levels that maintain chromosomal telomeres. When practiced along with daily prayer, meditation also increases our ability to show love and empathy, strengthens our families and our nations, and makes us more gentle and compassionate toward others and contributing to world peace.
  • PRACTICE PERSONAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION – We can reduce much of the environmental damage that is rapidly eradicating entire species from the earth, melting our glaciers, threatening tropical rain forests, destroying oceanic reefs and their inhabitants, and polluting much of the natural human food supply (especially wild sockeye salmon and bottom-feeding seafood) through unwise business practices and irresponsible human activity.
  • INCREASE STEWARDSHIP – As we practice responsible stewardship, the whole planet will benefit and there will be plenty for every human being and every animal to eat, and human populations might eventually learn to live in peace with one another, together cherishing the gift of life on our earthly home.