Breakfast of the Month  – $69.97 Plus Shipping

Hodson Custom Diets, LLC offers a breakfast package providing a month’s supply of whole food breakfasts, including 5 [9 oz] breakfast cereal grains in BPA-free containers, 1 [9 oz] smoothie mix in BPA-free container, 6 [15 oz] cans organic BPA-free beans, 1 box [20 tea bags] herbal tea and 1 [2 oz] bottle NOW Better Stevia Original liquid stevia.





Earth’s Recipe: Mung Bean Quinoa Porridge$12.97 Plus Shipping

This whole-grain porridge containing only organic quinoa flakes, organic mung beans, and organic turmeric is high in protein (15 grams), and is a good source of thiamin (22% RDA), magnesium (24% RDA), manganese (30% RDA), phosphorous (20% RDA), folate (80%RDA), iron (30% RDA), and dietary fiber (63% RDA).





Earth’s Recipe: Organic Smoothie Mix$12.47 Plus Shipping

An organic whole food combination of non-fat non-instant organic dried milk, roasted organic wheat germ, carob powder, and nutritional yeast.