amphibian birth defects

amphibian birth defects caused by environmental endocrine disruptors

ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS are chemical toxins that enter our body and, within 30 minutes, decrease blood sugar and increase insulin levels, leading to a condition known as insulin-resistance, the precursor to diabetes type II. These chemicals play havoc with our bodies, disrupting  hormonal messages causing our bodies to malfunction and eventually leading to numerous disorders and/or diseases including thyroid disorders, cancers, birth defects, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and strokes.

In the past twenty five years, [America’s] consumption of synthetic chemicals has increased 8,200 percent.

     – McKay Jenkins, What’s Gotten Into Us? Staying Healthy in a Toxic World,                  NY:Random House, 2011:12.

Almost all of the 89,000+ chemicals being produced today in America have never been tested for human health effects. Our industrialized culture has virtually created a plastic world, filled with known carcinogenic synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers in our gardens, synthetic dyes and inks in clothing, lead-based paint on baby toys, perchlorates and formaldehyde in furniture and carpeting, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) in shower curtains, bleaches and phthalates in household cleaning and paper products, and phthalates and formaldehyde in cosmetics and personal care products, all produced from petrochemicals. These toxic poisons have a major impact on human health, causing birth defects, obesity, devastating auto-immune disorders, chronic disease and death. These endocrine-disrupting chemicals, especially bisphenol-A (BPA), that alter breast development and reproduction and increase risk for breast cancer, are associated with long-standing effects at the molecular level contributing to the development of endometriosis, fibroids, breast cancer, prostate cancer, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, thyroid disease, and altering male and female reproduction. Research indicates that these toxic chemicals are a “significant concern for public health.” 

Recently, NBC news reported that 1 in 47 children born in the U.S. has autism, a 65% increase in just the last decade. Brain cancer is now the leading cause of death by disease among U.S. children 1 to 15 years of age.Scientific studies suggest that toxic synthetic chemicals interfere with fetal and newborn brain development. In 2009, Ken Cook with the Environmental Working Group recorded in “Ten Americans Video” that cord blood samples obtained from infants at birth, were contaminated with nearly 300 dangerous chemicals, many of which have been banned for more than 30 years.  Twenty four million Americans now suffer from autoimmune disorders such as celiac disease and fibromyalgia. Perchlorates in new cars, new couches and flame-retardant clothing have been shown to negatively affect the thyroid gland, one of the body’s most important metabolic-regulating glands, a serious threat to human health and associated with an increased risk for breast cancer.

To learn more about better future choices in America that will help all of us live healthier lives, please look at the website www.americancleanenergyagenda.org/ for more ideas and information.

In the most recent congressional session, congress dropped the ball again by changing a new bill that would have made a big difference in reducing endocrine disruptors in our environment, making this legislation a bill that basically protects industry (should we be surprised?), not the American people, especially our babies and children.

Read more about these changes at this link:   TEN NEW WAYS CHEMICAL BILL MARKS A RETREAT

  • Imitate natural hormones including thyroid hormones causing over-stimulation, attaching to cell receptors and setting it off as if it was a real hormone, and then blocking the access of real hormones to our cells.
  • Increase or decrease the numbers of hormone receptors in certain parts of the body, changing the amount of a specific hormone being produced in our bodies (note: reduced thyroid hormones are associated with higher risks for breast cancer).
  • Impact the speed at which a hormone is processed in your body.



  • PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), airborne neurotoxins, are found worldwide in every body of fresh water on earth and in most fish, despite being banned since 1977. PCBs were originally placed in coolants, electrical equipment (transformers), metal cutting oils, microscope lens oils, inks, dyes, carbonless copy paper, and old fluorescent light bulbs. PCBs are associated with low birth weight babies, impaired neurological development, reduced intelligence, inability to focus (ADHD), poor immunity, thyroid disorders, acne, swelling of eyelids, discolored nails and skin, numbness in arms and legs, muscle spasms and weakness, nervous system disorders (multiple sclerosis), and increased cancers (especially liver and kidney).

Dr. Hodson recommendations: Reduce exposure to inks and dyes, purchase clothes made of natural fibers (cotton and wool), avoid buying clothes that require dry-cleaning, do NOT allow your children to play in or eat dirt, do not eat freshwater fish from PCB-contaminated waters, DO NOT eat seafood sushi, no bottom-feeders such as shrimp or oysters, or predator fish, such as shark.

  • Phthalates, chemical toxins  added to plastics to make them flexible are found in medical tubing, teething rings, baby fakenails2   pacifiers, shower curtains, nail polish, deodorants, perfumes, hair gels, hairsprays, body lotions,  plastic wraps, and plastic food containers. They migrate from plastic tubing used in the milking  process, packaging films, and conveyor belts into cream-based dairy products (pasteurization and  packaging), poultry, cooking oils and other common foods. The manufacturers do NOT list  phthalates in the ingredients because federal laws allow unlimited amounts of phthalates with  virtually no testing, monitoring of health effects or labeling. Phthalates reduce sperm counts and  fertility, damage DNA in adult sperm and increase breast and uterine cancers. Phthalates alter  reproductive hormones in fetuses and infants, especially males, causing testicular atrophy and hypospadias (urethral opening at base of penis), and are linked to endometriosis, obesity, diabetes, and thyroid disorders.

Dr. Hodson recommendations:  Breast-feed your baby, do NOT use pacifiers, remove nail polish or artificial nails especially during pregnancy, never microwave plastic containers especially microwave popcorn, open your windows for fresh air, vacuum twice a week with a HEPA filter and use a high-quality furnace filter, and remove your shoes when you enter the house. Buy non-fluoridated toothpaste, such as Uncle Harry’s tooth powder without ethylene glycol (used in paints and antifreeze). Avoid cosmetics and perfumes. Do not use spray or powdered sunscreens, avoid oxybenzone, retinyl palmitate, sunscreen/bug repellent combined products, tanning oils, or sunscreen towelettes, highly recommend Green Screen D Organic Sunscreen, SPF +35 available from www.Amazon.com (see www.ewg.org for complete sunscreen database).

  • Dioxins are a byproduct of uncontrolled incineration (burning coal) and industrial processes such as smelting, chlorine bleaching of paper pulp, herbicide and pesticide manufacturing and are found to persist in the fatty tissues of animals (meat, fish, milk, and eggs) and humans, accumulating as you mature. TCDD (Agent Orange) is the most deadly. Dioxins persist in the environment forever reducing testosterone, causing multiple cancers and sarcomas, prostate cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, heart disease, birth defects, miscarriages, developmental disorders, and liver dysfunction. china_pollution

Dr. Hodson recommendations: Eat fewer animal products, eat organic whole foods. Avoid bleached paper products, household bleach, garden pesticides or herbicides. DO NOT open dishwasher after cycle has begun – releases dioxin, DO NOT use antibacterial soaps or detergents (triclosan), become active in movements to stop the use of coal (e.g., utility companies).  Remove skin and fat from all meat before cooking (organic meats are highly recommended).

  • BPA (bisphenol-A) is a synthetic estrogen and an organic compound used in the production of epoxy resins and polymers. BPA is found in baby bottles, polycarbonate drinking bottles, liners of food and beverage cans, dental sealants, medical and dental devices, cash register receipts, electronic and sports equipment. BPA alters breast development, increases risk for breast and prostate cancer, causes infertility, erectile dysfunction, cancers, childhood brain and behavior disorders (ADHD, autism), heart disease, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), depression, asthma, and is suspected to be associated with obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Dr. Hodson recommendations: Eat more fresh foods. Do NOT purchase any canned product (sodas, beans, tomatoes, vegetables) unless labeled as BPA-free (Eden brand). Avoid handling thermal paper receipts (WalMart). Avoid heating plastic containers in microwave, use stainless steel, glass, porcelain, or stoneware cookware. Do NOT use polycarbonate or #7 plastic containers. Do not apply dental sealants on your children’s teeth, buy BPA-free plastic & baby products.

  • Atrazine is a toxic herbicide that is widely used on corn crops in the U.S., linked to feminization of male frogs and fish, breast cancer, delayed puberty, prostate inflammation in animals, and some studies have linked atrazine to prostate cancer in humans. Atrazine is a pervasive drinking water contaminant.

water2Dr. Hodson recommendations: Avoid drinking tap water, eat organic foods, buy a water filter (seewww.ewg.org/report/ewgs-water-filter-buying-guide/ for safe water filters list) and drink reverse osmosis water.

  • Perchlorates, a component of rocket fuel, contaminate much of our produce, water supply and milk according to government test data. Perchlorates can be found in fertilizers and household bleach. Perchlorates compete in our bodies with the nutrient iodine, causing thyroid disorders such as hypothyroidism and thyroid diseases (e.g., Hashimoto’s Disease).

Dr. Hodson recommendations: Install a reverse osmosis water filter or drink reverse osmosis structured water, and increase consumption of dietary iodide (e.g., Nature’s Life Icelandic Kelp, Nova Scotia Dulse, sardines, bladderwrack, and Celtic sea salt).

  • Flame Retardants (PBDEs or polybrominated diphenyl ethers) are found in the breast milk of humans, and the levels have been doubling every 5 years since 1972! PBDEs are in planes, household dust, clothing, and fatty foods such as bacon, butter, lunch meat, and peanut butter. PBDEs cause cancer, alter brain development and imitate thyroid hormones disrupting their functions and causing hypothyroidism and other thyroid disorders.

Dr. Hodson recommendations: Do NOT buy children’s flame-retardant clothing, buy natural cotton or wool children’s clothing, do NOT eat high fat foods, avoid replacing carpeting (foam contains PBDEs) and install hardwood floors, and avoid reupholstering foam padded furniture.

  • VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) are the byproducts of industrial processes and are found in paints, vinyl, plastics, cleaning products, solvents, air fresheners, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, wall-to-wall carpeting, deodorants, dry-cleaned clothing, and cosmetics, causing nausea, headaches, drowsiness, sore throats, dizziness, memory impairment, and long-term exposure causes cancer (VOCs also contain phthalates).

scentedcandlesDr. Hodson recommendations: DO NOT use air fresheners, scented candles, or perfumes.  Do NOT use commercial laundry soap (Tide), use Seventh Generation powder laundry  detergent, Bon  Ami dish soap and cleanser. Use crystal deodorants, unscented, chemical-free dryer  sheets; if remodeling, use a HEPA filter for at least 2 years. Replace carpets with hardwood floors if  possible and use 100% wool area rugs. Do NOT use vinyl shower curtains, and buy natural fiber clothing  that do not require dry cleaning. 

  • CHLORINE (household bleach), one of the most corrosive and deadly chemicals, is still used as a common household disinfectant and industrial manufacturing ingredient! Bleach is found in drinking water, industrial waste, chlorine pools, household cleaners, paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, tissues) and causes respiratory  disorders (asthma, wheezing, coughing, airway constriction), lung pain and collapse, eye and skin irritation, and sore throats. Heated chlorine creates dioxin, when combined with waste water, it creates chloroform and carbon tetrachloride causing headaches, heart attacks, kidney damage, birth defects, if mixed with ammonia it creates a deadly gas, and if mixed with liquid dish soap, it creates mustard gas! safe-cleaners

Dr. Hodson recommendations: Drink reverse osmosis structured water. Always use distilled water for infants. Avoid swimming in community pools. Use white vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemons, scrubbing pads or steel wool and “elbow grease” to clean. Buy unbleached household paper products, such as Scott’s Natural toilet paper. Use 100% cotton kitchen towels and cloths for cleaning, wash and recycle cloths, limit use of paper towels.

  • NPE’s(nonylphenol ethoxylates) are surfactants or chemical dirt-lifting agents found in household detergents, laundry detergents, other cleaning agents, flame-resistant clothing for babies and children and increases incidence of death and damage to liver and kidneys in wild animals, decreases testicular growth and sperm counts, disrupts normal metabolism (thyroid), growth, development and reproduction.

Dr. Hodson recommendations: Avoid buying household products and/or furniture with flame retardants, buy 100% cotton clothing, especially for babies and children. Use a futon mattress, made with 100% cotton padding and washable cotton mattress covers. Do NOT use TIDE or any other commercially-produced laundry detergent, use Seventh Generation powdered laundry soap ONLY. Use Bon Ami liquid soap to hand wash dishes, and Bon Ami cleanser for scrubbing pots and bathroom fixtures.

  • Lead, a toxic heavy metal once used in gasoline and older paints, still remains in many older American homes and is leadpaint2associated with major health disorders affecting every organ system of the body with numerous devastating health disorders including permanent brain damage, low IQ, hearing loss, miscarriage, premature birth, increased blood pressure, kidney damage and nervous system disorders. Research shows that lead can disrupt the HPA axis (hormone regulating system for addressing  major stress) leading to high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety and depression.

Dr. Hodson recommendations: Avoid crumbling old paint, maintain a clean home, use a HEPA filter on vacuum, use a good water filter, and drink reverse osmosis structured water.

  • Arsenic, a known human carcinogen, is a common contaminant of food and water that interferes with the glucocorticoid regulation system that manages the processing of sugars and carbohydrates. Disruption of this system is linked to weight gain or loss, protein wasting, immunosuppression, insulin resistance (leading to diabetes type II), growth retardation and high blood pressure.

Dr. Hodson recommendations: Use a good water filter in your home (seewww.ewg.org/report/ewgs-water-filter-buying-guide/for safe water filters list

  • Mercury is a heavy metal toxin found in our oceans, rivers and air mostly by burning coal (pregnant women are most at risk because mercury interferes with the developing fetal brain and studies suggest a link between autism and mercury). Mercury can bind to hormones that regulate menstrual cycles, causing PMS, PCOS, and also interfere with the pancreas, sushiresulting in diabetes type I.

Dr. Hodson recommendations: Remove amalgam dental fillings by a reputable biological dentist that uses a precautionary mouth guard. Avoid vaccinations for non-day care infants.  DO NOT eat sushi and avoid consuming most fish (only 12 ounces per week of wild salmon, wild halibut, sole, or sardines), DO NOT eat king mackerel, shark, albacore tuna, tilefish and swordfish (especially when pregnant).

  • PFCs (perfluorochemicals) found in non-stick cookware including PFOA is completely resistant to biodegradation and will NEVER be gone from our environment. PFOA exposure has been linked to decreased sperm quality, low infant birth weight, kidney disease, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, altered sex hormones and thyroid hormone levels.

Dr. Hodson recommendations: DO NOT ever use non-stick cookware, and avoid buying water-resistant clothing, furniture or carpets.

  • Organophosphate pesticides (diazinone, dursban) are widely-used neurotoxins that alter brain development, behavior pesticides-home2 and fertility in children, and interfere with testosterone function and lower testosterone and  thyroid hormone levels.

Dr. Hodson recommendations: Buy organic produce whenever possible, do NOT walk on treated lawns, do NOT use pesticides to kill household insects, use natural methods to reduce insect activity (put boric acid in home foundations, use baking soda and other herbs) and plant flowers, shrubs and trees that attract insect predators such as praying mantis, ladybugs and welcome birds and butterflies into your garden.

  • Glycol Ethers are toxic chemicals found in paints, toothpaste, and multiple other common household products and cause shrunken testicles in animals. According to research by the European Union, they may damage fertility or the unborn child. Children sleeping in freshly-painted bedrooms have increased allergies and asthma.

Dr. Hodson recommendations: Avoid products with glycol ether, use a HEPA filter for several months after painting or remodeling, especially a bedroom, start using healthy cleaning products (e.g., Bon Ami, vinegar, lemons, steel-wool pads, baking soda) and do NOT buy cleaning products that contain 2-butoxyethanol (EGBE) or methoxydiglycol (DEGME).


*NOTE: A combination of PCB’s and dioxin, both of which are widely detected in Americans, inflicts four hundred times as much damage to the liver as dioxin alone.

  • Hydrogenated fats or trans fats are found in shortening, margarine, fried foods (French fries, donuts, bagels), fastfoodscommercially baked goods and cause increased inflammation leading to hardening of the arteries, osteoporosis, diabetes type II, cancers and Alzheimer’s disease (note: it takes only 20-60 calories of trans fats to start damaging your health).

Dr. Hodson recommendations: Stop eating all processed, packaged foods, instead eat organic vegetables, whole grains, organic fruits and organic grass-fed meats and dairy products.

  • Refined grain products drain all nutrients from whole grains, reducing vitamin B content in our diet, leading to mental disorders (depression, bipolar, anxiety, schizophrenia), obesity, diabetes, heart attacks and stroke.

Dr. Hodson recommendations: Eat whole grains to provide HEALTHY nutritional requirements and essential antioxidants (e.g., quinoa, bulgur wheat, barley, steel-cut oats, polenta, and millet), limit whole grain breads and pastas, avoid baked products.cold-cereals

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) – in 1967, the U.S. produced 3000 tons of HFCS, by 2005, the U.S. produced 9,227,000 tons of HFCS, an increase of HFCS production by 350% just since 1980. The average American now consumes 30 teaspoons of sugar every day in processed and packaged foods especially sodas, applesauce, baked beans, baking mixes, barbecue sauces, bread, bread crumbs, breakfast cereals, candy, canned fruit, cereal bars, chocolate milk, cocktail sauce, cookies, cough syrup, crackers, English muffins, fruit drinks, fruit juice blends, hot dog and hamburger buns, ice cream, jams and jellies, ketchup, lunch meat, mayonnaise, pasta sauce, peanut butter, pickles, protein bars, relish, and salad dressings. HFCS makes you keep on eating because it does not affect leptin, the hormone that makes you feel full. HFCS increases uric acid (gout), fatty liver disease, and causes metabolic syndrome, the precursor to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  NOTE: HFCS is often contaminated with mercury and is suspected of being connected to honeybee colony collapse, or the pending extermination of the honeybee. 

Dr. Hodson recommendations: Stop drinking sodas, stop eating all processed, refined products and anything that contains HFCS (high fructose corn syrup).

  • Artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives are found in all packaged, processed foods, especially fast foods and sodas, and cause cancers, auto-immune disorders, premature aging and they are endocrine disruptors. The most dangerous are BHA (butylated hydroyanisole, an artificial preservative that lowers testosterone and T4 causing thyroid disease and cancer), aspartame*, saccharin, sucralose, MSG*, Olestra, trans fats, potassiumbromate, sodium benzoate, benzoic acid, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite, and sulfites. These chemicals are found in all lunch meats especially pepperoni, hot dogs, smoked turkey breast slices, chicken nuggets, and ham slices. The American Institute for Cancer Research found that just 3.5 ounces of processed meat eaten daily increases your risk for colon cancer by 42 percent.

Dr. Hodson recommendations: Stop eating any foods containing these ingredients, especially the preservative BHA, and eliminate all processed lunch meats, hot dogs, pepperoni pizza and all fast foods.lunchmeat1



      Excitotoxins, such as aspartame (just recently renamed amino sweet to confuse high protein consumers) and monosodium glutamate (MSG) are known to cause massive free radical damage, oxidative stress, destroy brain cells, interrupt normal human brain development in the growing child and eventually lead to neurodegenerative diseases (affects 50 million Americans each year, www.CDC.gov) such as migraine headaches, epilepsy, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and multiple sclerosis (Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., Excitotoxins: the Taste that Kills, 1997). The following is a list of some excitotoxic ingredients found in the American food supply.* MSG and aspartame are flavor enhancers with nonutritional benefit and are classified as excitotoxins:

      • Monosodium glutamate (MSG), glutamic acid or free glutamate found in salty snacks, ramen noodles, all fast foods, all processed, packaged and refined foods, soy sauces, miso soup, beef jerky, many dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, children’s medications, live virus vaccines, and other vaccines.
      • Aspartic acid or aspartame found in diet sodas, dietetic foods, chewing gum, and fat-free products.
      • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein found in all soup-dressing-dip-gravy-snack mixes, ready-to-eat meals, boullion, spice-seasoning mixes, sauce-marinade mixes, frozen foods, and flavoring bases.
      • Plant protein extracts or texturized vegetable protein found in protein bars, protein shakes, turkey bacon, bacon bits, beef jerky and veggie burgers (one of the most dangerous).
      • Sodium caseinate found in milk, cheese and other dairy products.
      • Calcium caseinate found in instant soups, coffee creamers, processed cheeses, cream imitations, sweetened yogurts, wine, juices, pastas, and breads.
      • Yeast extract found in vegemite, marmite, baked goods, soups, vegetable boullion, and sauces.
      • Malt extract or flavoring found in cold cereals, all baked goods, ice cream, soy milk, vinegars, pet foods, chocolate based products (chocolate milks).
      • Autolyzed yeast found in frozen dinners (mac and cheese), Tofurkey meats, healthy packaged foods.
      • Hydrolyzed oat flour found in ready-to-drink milk-based beverages.
      • Potassium citrate, potassium aspartate or glutamate found in many health food products.
      • Propyl paraben, preservative found in snack foods (Sara Lee, Weight Watchers, La Banderita).
      • Cysteine or l-cysteine found in bread, fast foods (McDonald’s, Subway), Morningstar Farms products.
      • Beef bouillon, beef broth or beef stock found in soups, boullion cubes, gravy enhancing cubes.
      • Most natural flavoring, natural beef flavoring, natural chicken flavoring found in all processed foods.
      • Most seasonings, spices, or supplements found in Accent, Mrs. Dash, and dietary supplements.
      • Carrageenan found in most dairy products.
      • Most enzymes or protease, miso soup, all soy sauces found in infant formula, Chinese health foods.
      • Soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate found in protein shakes, powders, and protein bars.
      • Whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate found in protein shakes, powders and protein bars.
      • Hydrolyzed proteins or plant proteins found in all processed, packaged and/or refined foods.

      *NOTE: The best advice is to eat whole real foods, and eliminate from your diet anything that is man-made.