I don’t know how many of you were aware of  the press releases this past weekend and the massive online response to the Grand Launch of Engage Global on November 1, 2014, the exclusive distributor and owner of a revolutionary health product called Micro Daily, but this is the most powerful antioxidant micronutrient formulation available on the earth today!

Micro Daily (MMF®) is the perfect combination and quantity of micronutrients in the 100% natural biological isoform required by the human body to appropriately function, neutralizing free radical damage that has been linked to multiple health disorders including heart disease, cancers, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, birth defects, and congenital birth disorders. This formulation supports restful sleep and the immune system, increases energy, reduces oxidative stress, and blocks ionizing radiation.

The true brilliance of this formula is that those of us who cannot digest or metabolize certain foods, such as gluten (celiac and other bowel disorders), vitamin B-rich foods (MTHFR genetic issues), potassium-rich foods (kidney disease), and other metabolic disorders, can now receive the required micronutrients they so desperately need at the genetic cellular level to restore their health with NO SIDE EFFECTS because Micro Daily is in the natural biological form, addressing health concerns at the genetic level.

Micro Daily is NOT a supplement, Micro Daily is NOT a multivitamin, Micro Daily is NOT a drug that hides symptoms, Micro Daily is the evidence of the POWER of nature, Micro Daily is the essence of restoring life!!

When combined with the lifestyle medical approach that includes a whole food diet, regular exercise, healthy sleep habits, meditation, and no smoking, this revolutionary supplement has been shown through years of clinical human trials and more than ten years of human consumption to be profoundly effective in reducing oxidative stress, blocking radiation, increasing energy, restoring and maintaining perfect health with NO side effects. Micro Daily is the SAFEST  micronutrient you can take!

I encourage all of you to learn more about this revolution in healthcare, and contact me immediately for further information. Try your first month for only $19.95 including shipping.

We have been inundated through the social media with misinformation concerning our diet and food choices, creating the impression that most of our health maladies are associated with gluten intolerance. As a result, the food suppliers are now flooding the market with gluten-free processed products that are joining the original fat-free and sugar-free refined processed products that currently account for  the vast majority of American food. Historically, we Americans have been told to eat margarine and fat-free foods because the culprit behind our poor health and epidemic levels of heart disease is FAT. The latest frenzy is over reducing our SUGAR intake to solve all our health issues. In reality, the STAFF OF LIFE is whole grains, whole vegetables, whole fruits,  legumes or beans, seeds, nuts and sufficient fresh clean water. Unfortunately, the primary source used by American processed food suppliers is genetically-modified corn that, along with the added excitotoxic flavor enhancers and endocrine disruptors, are primarily responsible for the rapidly declining health status of all Americans. Those of you who are gluten-intolerant, suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, or who have advanced to celiac disease are, in reality, suffering from food allergies created by prior lifestyle and food choices based in genetically modified grain products combined with vast quantities of animal products that have finally led to complete metabolic and organ system failure. Changing to a whole food, fundamentally plant-based, diet with limited fish and organic meats on rare occasions, accompanied by the revolutionary ability to absorb the required micronutrients at the genetic level by using Micro Daily will make an incredible difference in the health of all Americans.

As we look forward to the coming holiday season, please watch for my posted healthy whole food recipes that will make your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners ones that will be remembered for peace and happiness shared with gathered loved ones, rather than the usual sluggish, bloated sessions of sleep on the couch. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!