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healthy weight loss   •   pregnancy (before, during and after)   •   infant feeding and weaning to avoid food allergies           chronic fatigue syndrome   •   fibromyalgia   •   down syndrome   •   autism and other congenital disorders   •   diabetes                  heart disease   •   kidney disease   •   celiac disease and gluten intolerance   •   irritable bowel syndrome             

rheumatoid arthritis   •   cancers   •   other auto-immune disorders



Gabrielle Hodson, Ph.D., professional nutritionist with more than 20 years teaching experience at 4 universities and more than 35 years of nutritional and human research experience

Published author:

Hodson G. The Promise of Living Food: a timeless tradition of eating, pending publication, 2015.

Hodson G. Dietary Secrets to Raising a Healthy Child with Down Syndrome, pending publication, 2015.

Hodson G. Adaptive Responses to Scarcity Among Lactating Desert Women, Doctoral Dissertation, University of Utah, Dec 2011.

Hodson G, Lieberman L, Wright P, “In Vivo Measurements of Facial Tissue Thicknesses in American Caucasoid Children,” Journal of Forensic Sciences, Oct 1985, 30(4):1100-1112.

Past Director of Plastination, National Museum of Health & Medicine, Washington, D.C.,  managing the largest exhibit of birth defects in the world

Founder of computerized medical transcription business serving medical clinics and hospitals, Tucson, AZ

Political Candidate for Utah House of Representatives, 2012

20 years of experience in organic gardening

Founder of consulting business in forensic human identification, St.Petersburg, FL

Established maxillofacial prosthetics business, Gainesville, FL



Individual nutritional consultations/evaluations

customized diet, meal plans, with recipes, instructions and restoration guide

Live seminars, online webinars

Hodson Healthy Living Club

Nutritional Courses (nutrition foundations, diet and diseases/disorders, raising healthy children)

FREE lectures on Ayurveda and Whole Food Diets

Literature Products

The Promise of Living Food: a Timeless Tradition of Eating
The Adventures of Barley Bear, children’s book series
Dietary Secrets to Raising a Healthy Child with Down Syndrome

Nutritional Products

Independent executive distributor, Engage Global, Inc., MMF antioxidant formula

Dr. Christopher’s herbal products

Bob’s Red Mill organic grains

Eden organic BPA-free beans

There is abundant evidence that lifestyle choices, including diet, sedentary lifestyles, chronic stress and environmental toxins, are associated with the quality and health status of human existence. Dr. Hodson has spent a lifetime enlightening, educating, and empowering people to restore and maintain their health. Using a combination of recognized ancient healthcare methodologies and cutting-edge genetic research, Dr. Hodson provides comprehensive nutritional counseling, customized diet plans, fitness training, and behavior modification tools in a complete lifestyle management system specializing in weight loss, auto-immune disorders, chronic diseases, mental health, pregnancy, infant feeding, childbirth, and congenital developmental disorders. Dr. Hodson offers a unique solution to the detrimental lifestyle choices that have led to low energy, birth defects, chronic disease and overwhelming debt for many Americans. Dr. Hodson focuses on protecting and educating the next generation through in-home instruction aimed at successful prospective parents, publishing children’s books to teach the value of whole grains and vegetables, and offers comprehensive family support.
Scientific research indicates that lifestyle and behavior choices influence chronic disease rates and the quality of your life. Dr. Hodson has a program that teaches, promotes, supports and sustains healthy behavior changes. The Hodson Healthy Living Club draws on extensive teaching experience and research in nutrition, physical exercise, complementary and alternative medicine, integrative health, behavioral sciences, meditation, and cooking with whole grains.

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"Z" Draper

“Z” Draper

My nine year old daughter was experiencing weakness and had symptoms of breathing difficulty over several months. Her heart rate was at times beating in the 200s. After much testing, the doctors told us she had a form of tachycardia and that we had very few choices. The doctors recommended surgery to correct her racing heart and medications for the rest of her life. Upon consulting Hodson Custom Diets, Dr. Hodson first verified that our daughter did not have heart disease but rather an anxiety-induced racing heart. Dr. Hodson provided my daughter with a complete whole food dietary meal plan  and taught her to meditate to help in reducing her stress. My daughter’s symptoms disappeared within days and have never returned. We have continued to follow these lifestyle guidelines and my daughter never had the surgery. Our whole family is healthier and happier because of Dr. Hodson’s services. I will be forever grateful to her.
 Lillith Draper, a grateful mother in Utah
Julianna and baby

Julianna and baby

I wanted to be the healthiest I could possibly be during my pregnancy but I was overwhelmed at where to begin.  Dr. Hodson guided me in selecting the best vitamins and supplements and gave me a customized diet plan throughout my pregnancy, assisting me in childbirth, breastfeeding and weaning my son. I am so happy that I chose to use Dr. Hodson’s services because now I have a healthy, happy baby.
– Juli Johnson-Becton, a grateful mother in Missouri
Ryan Obremski

Ryan Obremski

While training for my first marathon to lose some weight, I consulted Dr. Hodson because I had been diagnosed several times with positive strep throat and wanted to get in better shape. Dr. Hodson gave me a whole food diet plan, taught me to meditate, and provided me with instructions for training and carb loading in preparation for the big event.  Not only did I finish the marathon on a very cold and rainy day, but I lost weight  even during carb loading, and my high cholesterol blood tests were cut in half within a few weeks of following her diet.
– Ryan Obremski, South Jordan, Utah